Friday, 19 February 2010

Senior Moments

Whilst taking No. 1 son into town to buy a headless wire set for his X-Box, yes I really did say that, I further went down the road of utterly unfathomable brainless action of not only buying an ironing board, but a pink spotty one to boot.

Ok, you probably would agree that a headless wire set may seem a senior moment, but hey, what’s wrong with a pink spotty ironing board? Well, the small amount of ironing that I am forced to do is done on a towel on the kitchen worktop, but getting my old ironing board out to press clothes last October to go on holiday it broke (probably with the shock of not being used for about 2 years). This does not mean to say, dear reader, that the ironing board has been completely redundant. By no means no! The ironing board has been very useful for hanging coats on in the cupboard under the stairs, because all the coat hooks are full up with every coat that the family has ever owned for the last, at least, 10 years. Why doesn’t she sort it out you may ask?

What can I say, because I am naturally a hoarder and brought up in a ‘make do and mend’ generation, I know that everything will just get put back or moved around the house because it might ‘come in useful’ one day! Even the gas man was complimentary, saying how amazing it was that so much stuff could fit in such a small cupboard. It was refreshing to meet a man on my wavelength, but, unfortunately, he was married!

What of pink spottiness? I like spots, this is true, but I have a real aversion to the colour pink. Not generally, you understand, but personally. I would not be seen dead in pink lippy, nail polish, tee-shirt, etc. and I don’t know where this all started, because I used to like pink.

I have given this a lot of thought and I have come to the conclusion that it must be that when we bought this house 16 years ago, it had a pink kitchen, pink master bedroom and the most horrendous pink tiles in the bathroom. Now having a young family at the time and money very tight, it took a few years to redecorate, but the whole of the bathroom had to be replaced and this didn’t happen until about 8 years ago. Also, it would be fair to comment (in my defence), that one wall was covered in ill fitting mirror tiles which made one look like the elephant man and, of course doubled the pinkness . So there you are, I think my pink psychosis was induced by my bathroom.

Also, which is equally as worrying, if headless wire set had not been so expensive, I would have bought the pink iron to go with the ironing board (kind of a matching shoes and handbag thing going on there, me thinks)!

Does this mean, therefore, by purchasing the pink spotty ironing board that (a) I will do some ironing, or (b) that me and pink are friends again. What do you think?

Now you didn't really think I was going to show you a photo of a boring old ironing board, did you? This was taken on a wonderful holiday to Cuba last October.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Yesterday I featured a beautiful handmade heart from Mochipan.

I took part in the Folksy St. Valentine's heart decoration swap and was absolutely delighted to receive this lovely decorative pin. I in turn sent my heart decoration to Louisa

Also I won my very first blog giveaway from the lovely lalabibaby ooooo, it was so exciting opening the package

How cute is this, a darling little book explaining about quilting traditions and the attached bookmark has a little thimble dangling from it

So a huge big thank you to Debbie, I was absolutely thrilled.

Mr. P is also thrilled. Virgin Media delivered his V+ HD box today, so now he can watch everthing in HD (when he gets his new TV on Saturday) and he put his beloved Sky Sports on the package also - so football all the way. Well there is always Wimbledon to look forward to I suppose!

Now I just have to work out, in a technophobic sort of way, how to use the darn thing!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010


That can only mean one thing.................yup, Mr. P's decorating.

Oh dear .................................

He assures me that one has to break a few eggs to make an omelette and he has yet to sand the floor - that's why I haven't posted for over a week, I'm knee-deep in dust!

Now in Mr. P's defense, it must be said that up until a couple of years ago he worked as a professional painter and decorator, having his own business. So he is a true professional perfectionist when it comes to decorating and, he also assures me, it all relies on proper preparation. I know that he will make a beautiful job, his 'cutting in' is a sight to behold, but, in this case, the journey is not going to be more enjoyable than the destination!

I'm feeling rather overwhelmed, the house is an absolute mess, a real migraine mess.

My kitchen table .....................................

More stuff in my kitchen ......................

and more ..............................................

Then there is the hall ..............................................

Just look at the dust everywhere!

You might ask who in their right mind decorates at this time of year and why? Well the simple answer - new 42" plasma TV arrives next Saturday. My ma-in-law has treated us.

But after all thats said and done, it WILL be so lovely to have the living/dining room newly painted as it has not been done for over 10 years and, I must admit, I had kinda lost interest in it.

Some eye-candy to be going on with, 2 lovely gifts that I have recently received, which I shall post about tomorrow ................................


Just to finish (honestly), I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has left me comments and supported my new blog.