Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Yesterday I featured a beautiful handmade heart from Mochipan.

I took part in the Folksy St. Valentine's heart decoration swap and was absolutely delighted to receive this lovely decorative pin. I in turn sent my heart decoration to Louisa

Also I won my very first blog giveaway from the lovely lalabibaby ooooo, it was so exciting opening the package

How cute is this, a darling little book explaining about quilting traditions and the attached bookmark has a little thimble dangling from it

So a huge big thank you to Debbie, I was absolutely thrilled.

Mr. P is also thrilled. Virgin Media delivered his V+ HD box today, so now he can watch everthing in HD (when he gets his new TV on Saturday) and he put his beloved Sky Sports on the package also - so football all the way. Well there is always Wimbledon to look forward to I suppose!

Now I just have to work out, in a technophobic sort of way, how to use the darn thing!


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  1. What lovely things to receive - it is always nice getting parcels in the post!

    Pomona x