Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mercedes saves the day!

In my last post I mentioned that Mr. P said if the girls didn't lay before Saturday, then they were for the pot.

Well on that very day of my last posting, I got my first egg. A teeny, tiny perfect little egg.

That's a 10p next to it, so you can see just how tiny it is.

I knew something was up, as Margery and Millicent kept going in and out of the henhouse and Mercedes was nowhere to be seen. This is the first time I've seen the girls use the henhouse during the day, even in the pouring rain they don't go inside. I sat watching them and waited for Mercedes to emerge and then went tearing up the garden and there it was, in all it's teeny wonderfulness.

In my case it certainly was a case of 'tiny things please tiny minds'. I was so excited.

Thursday saw another, just as perfect as the first, but ever so slightly bigger.

So Thursday's lunch

Mr. P enquired as to why I didn't have boiled eggs as he knows that they are my favourites. My response being, that I didn't know how long to boil them for as I don't like snotty or hard eggs and I didn't want my first eggs to be ruined. Mr. P always having a witty reply - "well given their very smallness, you could of just run them under the hot tap"!

So, including today, Mercedes has now given me 7 eggs and I feel the same excitement every time I see an egg waiting for me. Each day they get bigger, so boiled eggs are on the lunch menu today.

Well done Mercedes. Millicent and Margery best hurry up before Mr. P starts to get on their case.

Jak x

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Ta-Dah!

I finally finished my summer blanket and the rain stopped for the first time in days so that I could photograph it, in the sunshine, no less.

It's made up of 271 squares, each square measuring 3 1/4 " x 3 1/4" . So quite large. I used acrylic DK yarn which I find really washes up well and is snuggly soft, whether line dried or put in the dryer.

Madam here (Sophie Shadow),

thought it was for her benefit and sneaked on when I went to answer the door to the postman. After, of course, she had finished terrorizing him through the window! Looking a tad guilty, don't you think?

I only wanted the blanket to drape over the back of the sofa, as it was never meant to be a sofa cover up. Besides, having lived with dust sheets dyed to cover up a secondhand sofa in the past, all that tucking in and straightening used to drive me mad!

This cushion inspired me as far as the colour choices were concerned.

But, I still have all these left and I'm not sure what I will do with them yet.

And what of my girls?

Well they have given me hours of entertainment and I just absolutely adore them. Still no eggs yet and Mr. P told me to tell them that if they don't lay before Saturday, then they are for the pot. Now you know why I call him Mr. P!

Well I'm off to ignore the housework and find something more meaningful to do.

Jak x