Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Ta-Dah!

I finally finished my summer blanket and the rain stopped for the first time in days so that I could photograph it, in the sunshine, no less.

It's made up of 271 squares, each square measuring 3 1/4 " x 3 1/4" . So quite large. I used acrylic DK yarn which I find really washes up well and is snuggly soft, whether line dried or put in the dryer.

Madam here (Sophie Shadow),

thought it was for her benefit and sneaked on when I went to answer the door to the postman. After, of course, she had finished terrorizing him through the window! Looking a tad guilty, don't you think?

I only wanted the blanket to drape over the back of the sofa, as it was never meant to be a sofa cover up. Besides, having lived with dust sheets dyed to cover up a secondhand sofa in the past, all that tucking in and straightening used to drive me mad!

This cushion inspired me as far as the colour choices were concerned.

But, I still have all these left and I'm not sure what I will do with them yet.

And what of my girls?

Well they have given me hours of entertainment and I just absolutely adore them. Still no eggs yet and Mr. P told me to tell them that if they don't lay before Saturday, then they are for the pot. Now you know why I call him Mr. P!

Well I'm off to ignore the housework and find something more meaningful to do.

Jak x



  1. Oh that is so snuggly looking!
    Its sure to keep you warm this coming winter....its a bit bbbrrr already!

  2. Super squares - could you use the spares for greetings cards ?

    Just read your comment at mine whooohooo !!

  3. Oh my goodness you did it!!! Well done super woman. It looks absolutely fantastic too. Love the colours you've used. As for the leftovers, I'd make a cushion or two for the other chairs. I'm too scared to wash the blanket I made! It's so heavy dry, what will it be like wet? And it is coming apart in places too - I could almost cry!

  4. Maybe you could use the squares for brooches... a cushion or even a bunting for your christmas tree?
    I love the blanket and the colour scheme... all very beautiful!
    The comment regarding your chickens was hilarious!
    Please tell Mr.P that he has great sense of humour!Lol


  5. Congratulations Jak what a lovely blanket! I think a cushions to match would work well with the extra squares. A really lovely achievement! As for those chickens - it does keep you in suspense waiting for that first egg! Their combs go much redder and they start to sqwat when you go to pick them up two good signs an egg is on the way!! They get much hungrier and a bit more vocal too once they lay! How exciting! x

  6. Have you had any more eggs ? Pictures please !

  7. Jak,
    Well done, Congratulations on finishing your blanket! Its absolutely beautiful. Looks like a lot of work, but well worth it.
    Could i ask you a BIG fAVOUR?
    I mailed you a while back, asking for your address.
    I need to send you a SIBOL Thank you card
    for the squares received ages ago. Its been sitting here patiently for months and months.
    Could I have your address please?
    What project is next?
    Love to you Suex

  8. Visiting here from Rhonda's blog. :)
    The afghan that you made is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. The colors especially. Well done!
    Could you make a pillow or a pillow cover out of the left over pieces? That would be equally beautiful. :)
    Have a lovely day.