Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It Felt Like Christmas Morning!

I went to bed on Saturday night with that well-known feeling of excitement in the pit of my belly. The feeling you get as a child on Christmas Eve and then again when you have children of your own.

When I awoke on Sunday morning, it was already light, oh no, I thought I had overslept, but it was only (!) 6 a.m. I threw on my thickest, warmest dressing gown (which really has seen much better days), rushed downstairs,

'You haven't done it have you?', I said worryingly to Mr. P. He shook his head.

I swapped my slippers for these

and marched purposefully up the garden, unbolted the gate and fastened it carefully behind me. I then gently opened the door to the house, but it's occupants just didn't want to come out to play! After much coaxing, all 3 emerged.

Meet the girls

Margery - a Speckledy

Mercedes - a Bovans Nera (with very impressive black and golden ginger plummage)

Millicent - a Light Sussex (White with lovely markings around the neck and tail)

I only bought them on Saturday afternoon from a farm called Churchmans in Faversham, Kent (just up the road from Brogdale Farm).

As they had to be shut in their new house straightaway and left there overnight, I didn't have chance to get acquainted. The lovely man at Churchmans said that it might take them a couple of days to emerge, so I was really pleased that it only took a couple of hours before they were doing chicken things, like grubbing around in their new pen.

The twin cleared the ground for me, Mr. P and no. 1 son put the run together and, of course, I was the bossy forewoman.

The hen house has been painted in a rather posh shade of Farrow & Ball paint (as I've said before, Mr. P was a professional decorator, so we have a very good supply of very posh paint) and I really had to contain myself and not paint roses around the door, haha!

This is something I've wanted to do for the last 30 years and I am so happy. Certainly up there with swimming with dolphins, which I did in Cuba last October. I am loving my 50s, lots of dreams and ambitions are coming true.

Well it's another glorious sunny day here in Kent and I am just off to chill out with my girls.

Jak x



  1. Well.....I popped over!!

    Congratulations on becoming a 'chicken mummy'. You'll have hours of fun with them and they'll soon be as cuddly as you want them to be. One little tip, the one that likes cuddles the least, make sure you pick up the most, she'll soon get to liking it!!

    Have fun.

    Sue xx

  2. Congratulations 50's are great you can do ANYTHING!!!!!!! I had my chickens for a while and loved them but sadly they were not so popular with the rest of the family! But I am SO glad I fulfilled one of my ambitions if only for a short while - enjoy the thrill of the first egg! x

  3. You're back...and with chickens !!! I'm thrilled for you - you are going to have such fun quite apart from getting lovely eggs.

    I can totally understand your excitement - just wait til you discover the first egg ! I was jumping up & down for joy !
    Love their names & the posh house xx

  4. ....what have you started... ? my girls want a farrel & ball house now too !!!

  5. Oh they are lovely!
    I want some so, so much.

  6. What lovely hens, very pretty and I'm sure they're loving the new accomodation too.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog it really is lovely to hear from readers and be able to browse new blogs and see what other people are up to.

    SuzyJ xx