Friday, 29 January 2010

A Frustrating Week

Firstly, Sophie…………

is in season and because she only had these……………

4 months ago, obviously we did not want her to have another litter so soon after. But the logistics of keeping Max and George away from her have been a real headache (literally, 3 migraines in one week). Additionally, M&G have learnt to open doors (after scratching them to buggary first) whilst howling and crying all the time. Consequently I’ve been stuck indoors the whole week trying to save my girl’s honour!

Secondly, I only completed one cushion. I cut out the cushion backing 3 times as I made a mistake with the measuring. I decided to make a button fastening as I had loads of buttons, but no zips. The buttonhole foot on the new sewing machine bore no resemblance to the one in the manual. The manual assured me a buttonhole was an automatic one step manoeuvre – yeah right. After about an hour, I did work out how to do this and proceeded to make 9 buttonholes. Next, I tried to sew the decorative braiding, but the zipper foot could only be used one way (on my previous machine the foot would slide either to the left or right). By this time I was seriously missing my old machine and wondered if I had made a big mistake in buying, what seemed, a totally inferior model. Cup of tea and biccies at this point.

Then, with only about 6 inches to sew to complete the cushion, I ran out of cotton. I couldn’t believe it; I had no other cotton in my stash that remotely matched the colour of the fabric, so I ended up robbing off the bobbin (sounds like a dance doesn’t it, lol!) and hand sewed the last bit.

But, I must admit, I am very pleased with the result…………

Also, I finished this…………………

But run out of wool for this…………………

Can’t wait to hand over the dog-sitting (or no-more-puppies-please-sitting) reins to Mr. P so that I can escape my prison and replenish my stash.

Sorry about the quality of the piccies, such a drab rainy day! Also the mauve colour on the ripple and hex is more of a burgandy colour.



  1. Aw, those dogs are gorgeous! I really love the cushion too. It's so satisfying once you get things completed isn't it, especially when things don't go to plan. Vic

  2. Hi You! thanks for stopping by my blog, its nice to 'meet' like-minded souls! We d seem to have similar interests -just love the cushions!

    Will be back for more!

    Vicky x

  3. I just love all your work. The colours really compliment each other. What a shame you ran out of yarn! You like rippling too then!!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  4. WOW....Yes, replenish your stash.... Love all of this. Each one goes with the next. Pups are too cute.

  5. Jak can you get in touch please .... you won my giveaway .... e-mail x

  6. Hi Jak, thank you for the nice message you left on my blog - I will follow you too. Your work is really lovely - you will have to get some more yarn to finish the ripple! Such fun replenish one's stash!!!!! **Kim** x

  7. Wow.... Is that a new header and sidebars or did I miss it last time. I sure want to learn how to create my own garden sidebars...

    Sure see lots of new pups this week around blogland... Too cute...

    Thanks for popping into my garden.

  8. I just love your blankets; such pretty colour combinations. The cushion is beautiful too! Loooove your sweet dogs! Ros