Thursday, 7 January 2010

My First Ta-Dah!

At first an apology. Due to being technically challenged (using one desk-top computer, one notebook computer and an external hard-drive - all at the same time) I got in a right mucking fuddle yesterday in banjo city waiting for deliverance. In my defence, it must me said that "I am woman", therefore I can multi-task. Unfortunately the above were designed by men, for men, nuff said really!

Anyway, the Lloyd Loom. Because the LL was so disgusting and to save me from Mr. P's wroth, I set about its makeover straightaway. Armed with an upholstery tool thingymebob for removing tacks, I removed 92 of them. After taking off the rather fetching brown/cream spot fabric, a 'Colmans' coloured curtaining material was next, followed swiftly by some 60's plastic pale blue quilted stuff. Finally came some rather nice pink floral fabric, which looked and felt like silk. Guessing this was probably the original covering, I decided to leave it for posterity.

Off then to my workshop, loosely known as the garage (but this was about 17 years ago), I proceeded to spray LL gold. When dry, I removed the lid and covered in some fabric that had been in my hoard for about 10 years (because I knew I would NEED it one day). Stapled it on, re-attached the trimming, and .................

I made the decorative tassel faceplate from a Sizzix die and dipped into UTEE.........

Purchased the tassel for £2.49 at Dunelm.........

Which I think finished it off nicely..............

I'm really amazed with myself that I actually 'turned a piece around' within 2 days of purchase, normally my rescued 'must haves' languish forlornly waiting, sometimes, years for attention. But this one was far too ugly to remain in this world without absolute TLC.

Sorry about the photo - my excitement probably made my hands shake. Also, I'm sorry that I could not show you LL in situ, but my bedroom is only 10' x 12' and I would have had to get on top of the wardrobe to take any decent sort of photo.

I already had the fabric and gold spray paint, so apart from my £5 eBay layout, tassel and petrol to and from (said with utmost relief) Deliverance country - a real bargain.

To close, I would like to say thank you to all you lovely Folksies for following me and your lovely comments.

Now to go play in the snow.

Taken late yesterday afternoon (it started snowing about 3.30 p.m.).

The sight that greeted me this morning.



  1. Hello Jak!
    Hiya! Pleased to meet you on my blog! Well I've just popped over to say thanks for plucking up the courage to meet us all. We're having great fun I hope you'll come again and any others who'd like to.
    Now you have certainly brought back some memories here. My Mother had one virtually the same but smaller. A green one yes I remember it well.
    Now 'shyness' I'm sure you're not! I know it can all be a bit confusing at first, like me I really panicked but we all have to learn sometime and after a few posts you really can addicted! Over Christmas as loads of us know we had withdrawal symptoms!
    Anyway, pleased you've made the first step, chat soon I hope.
    I've put some information on my blog about the new Crocheting magazine thats out in the UK. Really good.
    Bye for now, Hugs and Love Suex

  2. Jak,
    forgot to say!
    Thanks for the offer of the square.
    Your garden looks so beautiful with all the snow. It's been pretty bad here.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  3. You've done a fab restoration job and your garden looks just like a winter wonderland - quite beautiful.

    Rachel x