Friday, 9 April 2010

A Slight Wobble

Blimey, I can't believe that it is 2 weeks since I last posted. As you can see I have been redocorating my blog. This happened one Saturday evening when I was banished to the kitchen because some sport or other was on telly and I was pretty much at a loss what to do.

Because there is nothing to be done about my back except traction/physio again, the unfinished decorating of my living/dining room and now some pretty serious leaks in our kitchen roof, not to mention locking myself out and the drains being blocked up (now that was a pretty yucky job), I had a slight wobble about my life in general and wondered just why I had a dog, and barked myself! Now a serious rethink is taking place on how to achieve a satisfying different kind of life.

But, when the going gets tough, the tough bugger off to their craft room. So this is what I have been making this week ..............

This was based on a traditional folk art design which has always filled me with hope. This has been put in my Folksy shop and is featured today on Tanya's blog, which I was very excited about.

Also this ...................

This design was based on one of my own paintings

You'll have to excuse the quality of the photo, artwork is quite difficut to photograph and the layering of the paints and heavy texture cannot really be seen or the metallic 'glowing' effect. I'm still not sure whether I have a problem with my camera, a Finepix E510 or I just have a problem, lol!

Why am I making bags (and there are lots more designs in my book awaiting flight)? My doctor told me off about the weight of my handbag! I still carry a bag with my life ensconced in its depths - all the things that I might possibly want/need in a normal 10 hour working day, so I'm having a rethink of one of my essential commodities, my handbag, now I don't have a paid job anymore. Ok, maybe a silly 'change' to my life, but it's a start!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend and I understand that the weather is going to be positively balmy.

Jak x


  1. Jak,
    You are one talented lady! That painting you did is gorgeous. Have you a nice place for it? I do hope you keep it on show. Bags too are really so lovely. I love the little flowers really are cute.ARe they sewn on or glued on?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You were askiing about my camera. Well its an iphone. What I love about the iphone is the big screen, it does take great pictures. But one thing sadly is that you can't just go and take the memory card into Boots or where-ever. So I load directly on to Flickr through email off the phone. Or I plug the wire in and they load to pictures and then I load them on to Flickr. I wish there was a way I can go and get prints off it. I know you can order off Flickr through snapfish. But I wondering whether there is any other way. You know that might make a good post, I could ask people? But it is a great little phone apart from O2's rubbish signal.
    Have a good weekend, more Squares today from Arizona!
    Hugs and lOve Suex

  2. Oh I saw that tree bag in someone's Folksy Friday - its gorgeous!! :)

  3. Thanks for the link. I cant find a follow button on your blog.:(

  4. Blonde moment, Ive found it now.

  5. Hi you! Sorry about the bad back stuiff - its rubish isnt it! I have the same problem with my bag - too heavy, yet soooo reluctant - paranoid even! to go out without carting everything I may possibly need, covering every eventuallity!
    I did it the other day - just took my purse in my pocket and phone tucked in my bra! It was a bit scary but so easy on my back - no crushing/tooth achey kinda pain!

    Good luck with the bags - so pretty!

    Vicky x

  6. I can't stand watching sport on Tv - that why I blog !
    I have downsized my bag since the children grew up & I refuse to carry anything fo anyone else having been a pack horse for years !
    The bags are lovely

  7. Hi Jak

    Poor you, I think lots of women "find" other interests when the telly goes on. Our house is perpetual sport - drives me mad - so pleased to have crafts and blogging to take my mind away from it!!!! I looove your bag and the painting - how talented you are, maybe this is a turning point in your life and now all your talented crafts are being noticed. I love the tree of life! all the best **Kim**x

  8. Wow you have such a wonderful blog!! Thank you so much for visiting mine so I could then meet you. I love your granny blanket. I've just finished my first 50 grannies and I'm so pleased with myself.

    Your bags are beautiful too. I love the flowers on them. And the birds too!

  9. Hi Jak, Thank you for your lovely comment, the ends are a bit of a nightmare! Hope you are ok as you haven't posted in a while, hope your back not too bad. Take care **Kim**x

  10. PS pop over - you have an award !