Friday, 26 March 2010

Another Ta-Dah

Well I finally finished my pink 'we are friends again' blanket, although I had to crochet another 60 squares so that it was the right length which, of course, was no hardship. I used double-knitting yarn, a 3mm hook, 3 rounds of trebles and the final round I used a half treble (the pale pink) so that when the squares are sewn together the edging is the same height as the trebles - err if you see what I mean!

I worked out that if you use 5 different shades of pink (not including the edging colour) you can attain 60 different combinations (ha ha, such mind-blowing information).

So now its in my sewing/crafting room covering my rather scruffy old nursing chair, which is really comfy and ideal for the back problem.

So until I get round to doing a full upholstery jobbie on my lovely little chair, this will do nicely.

I don't know if its the drugs (painkillers) but, although not a very productive week in what I've made (mainly a mess) and attaining my First Class Honours Degree in Procrastination, I've designed my little head off this week and I am in 'bag' mode - more on that next week.

Before going, I would just like to show you these

are they not just lovely. I found these at hmsdesign on Folksy do pop over and have a look at all the wonderful flowers.

Also this, which is top of my wish list at the moment

from Folksy too, Claire Rose Designs

Well I'm off now for lots more mess-making-procrastination, but I wanted to say thank you for your well wishes and hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Jak x


  1. Fabulous blanket, Jak, and great colour scheme. I wish I could crochet but am so used to knitting all my life that I can't get my head round working just with one stitch.

  2. That really is a Ta Dah ! moment - fab & I'm even tempted to give it a little try myself. I have shocked myself saying that too !
    Those flowers are delightful.

    I procrass....but can't spell !

  3. That blanket is gorgeous - looks a real labour of love! Thank you so much for featuring my flowers on you lovely blog.

    And yes, I procrastinate too ;-)

  4. Lovely blanket and those flowers are such a fab idea! nikki X

  5. I love your blanket, so pink and pretty! xxx

  6. Your blanket looks perfect on your chair! thanks for your comment on my blog,nice find yours.I'm going to have a read now :0)

  7. Jak,
    Apologies for not popping over sooner. Been 'buried' under Blankets and Squares again! :)

    I should think you are really pleased with this Blanket. Its absolutely my favourite colour. What an achievement! So. pretty! I bet your family love it.

    Those flowers too are really cute. So delicate, very pretty. I just love all your new work.
    Thanks for everything.
    Hugs and LOve Suex