Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Man Flu + Nointernetitis

Lots of these this week as laid low by the dreaded man flu, one of the most virulent viruses known to man (but, strangely enough, not woman, haha!). Mr. P brought it home last weekend, he sneezed three times and sniffed insufferably for a day and that was that, but me and number 1 son were hit pretty bad.

Then to add to my misery, our internet buggered off on Wednesday night and we didn't get it back until Sunday morning. Now I am worried how much my computer + internet mean to me. I was totally bereft without any contact with the outside world, not catching up with blogland, no emails and no Russel Grant giving me my 'stars' for the day in his camp, good humoured way. OK, I could do without the telly and I could do without the phone, but my computer, I could not do without.

It wasn't a totally unproductive week though. I made these for my Folksy shop,

some cute new baby gift sets. Also, I sold two items on my very first day of opening, how exciting was that?

Some Mother's day cards for our mums

and I won another blog giveaway from the lovely Sarah at Paper-and-String Thank you very much, not only pretty, but practical too (drawing pins covered in lovely bright flowers). Do go and have a look at her very colourful and inspirational blog.

Which I am thrilled with and they look great on my pin board, which is something else awaiting a makeover.

Now to catch up on all your lovely blogs and see what the email postie has brought me.

Jak x


  1. Poor you Jak! Glad things are improving for you - its a right pain when internet goes down - its amazing how we have all come to rely on it sooo much in just a few short short years! Love the gifts you are making - good luck with your Folksy shop! **Kim**x

  2. Jak,
    I know exactly what you mean. I have been working on my blog bit of trouble with it. I sat all yesterday trying to sort it out. Thankfully I did. But I was thinking exactly the same.Blogland means so much to me, emails etc., All the wonderful friends I have!
    Cant do without you all!
    Hugs and Love Suex
    Best of luck with your shop.

  3. Lol at the "noninternetitus" ! I hate not having internet too. Glad you are feeling better and lucky you winning the decorative pins! x

  4. hope you are on the mend & congrats for selling on Etsy ... and winning the lovely give away !

  5. Have a great weekend, thank you for [popping by to say hiya!xxxx

  6. Hope you all feel better soon! Congrats on the sale, that is very exciting. X