Monday, 22 March 2010

'Trollied' in ASDA

Yes I was involved in a pretty nasty accident in ASDA on Saturday afternoon. Now I don't usually do the weekly shop as I have a troublesome disc and the trolley pushing and loading the car just makes it (my back) and me as miserable as hell. Why don't you and Mr. P going shopping together, you may ask? Well I would rather slit my wrists with a rusty knife then go shopping with Mr. P as he absolutely hates it and does not waste one second explaining, in the tiniest detail, why this is so. I can count on one hand the amount of times we have been shopping together in the last 20 years - yes he really is that bad!

Anyway, I digress. I was standing admiring the tulips and daffs trying to decide what to treat myself to, when I was almost knocked off my feet by a speeding trolley driven by a young girl (about 9 years old I would guess) hitting me square in the back with the handle end of the trolley (she was pushing the trolley from the other end). She did not apologise or say a word, just went speeding off again. I knew my disc had gone again and I suppose, given the pain and the shock, I just wanted to get out of there and go home.

So now I suppose its back to the doctors, who will refer me back to the hospital for months of physio and all because I stopped to smell the flowers!

But hey, I'm not dead and it has been gloriously sunny here today, so on to the yummy things that have happened this week.

Firstly, ahem, I am rather pink with embarrassment, as I won another blog giveaway. Now I don't sit all day scanning blogland to see what lovelies I could win, no, no, no, I just seem to have been incredibly lucky lately.

I won Vicky's giveaway on Anglesey Allsorts. Now Vicky must be the queen of the boot fair/charity shop bargain hunting genre, please pop over and have a look-see at all her wonderful finds.

So thank you very much Vicky. I'm thinking that I might use the tweedy fabric to make some inside pockets on my winter coats (like men have - when they are not stashing all their stuff in our handbags). Not being blessed with any bosom of note, I don't think these will cause 'bulk' problems, but an inside pocket might be useful for stashing my tissues, killing 2 birds with one stone, so to speak, lol!

Now speaking of tissues, I spent quite a while designing and making this and photographed it today to put in my Folksy shop

again out of my lovely Anna Griffin vintage style papers, only to find that tissue box cover is too small by about 3/4" (in height) for a standard square box of tissues. It never occurred to me to check the measurements, but the worse thing of all is I've got about 50 of these boxes which I bought off eBay as a job lot about 2 years ago. So if anyone has any suggestions what I can do with them (please be clean), please let me know, bearing in mind that the thickness of the wood is only 1/4".

Please pop back later in the week as I have a ta-dah, my pink 'we are friends again' blanket is just about done.

Jak x


  1. I've got one like that too Jak .... the number of times I turn to ask his opinion and I find I'm talking to a total stranger because he's hanging round the shop doorway waiting to make a run for it!

  2. Oops got distracted then meant to say I hope your back is OK ..... little toad I hope she got her comeuppence for being so horrid. Lovely swap too .... my feet are so itchy waiting for the car boot season to get in full swing so that I can go bargain hunting. x

  3. Sorry about the back - these aches and pains are a bind. I cant go shopping on my own - no lifting (life has to be lived as if I were a Victorian Lady - Dr's words!) - and I just hatre going with Hubby, cos he hates it. So I have started shopping online with Tesco - the Tesco man 'Just Has To Be Nice' and he be
    rings me flowers (if I order them!). I'm finding it works well - far less stressful!
    Glad you liked the parcel - pockets sound good, good for lacy hankies and lippy and the like!

    Vicky x

  4. ooh poor you ! I'd be furious with that child ! Lovely goodies - It's always a bit embarrassing showing the winnings of a giveaway isn't it ?
    I'm a very lucky girl - as I don't drive my husband has always done the weekly shop with me. It's a chore but has to be done but I top up from the village daily.

    Your comment on my Blog made me smile a lot - thanks.

    Hope you are not in pain - I'm off to the Osteopath as I can't put up with my bad neck anymore & have started to imagine all sorts wrong with it !

  5. Kids run riot in supermarkets! I'm sorry to hear you had that accident. Where's the mother in all this?
    I've been married 27 years and I have done the weekly shop nearly every week on my own. It's really hard work I think. But I do slip in a few 'crafties' do you?
    I love the tissue box you've made a good job of them.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  6. Poor Jak, those trolleys are lethal for backs at the best of times - even worse when driven backwards by a nine year old! You must have been fuming! Lovely tissue box - I have been trying to think of another use - but now luck so far! Take care of that back **Kim**x

  7. (To join)

    So...much fun over there Jak!

  8. hello, just found your sweet blog, poor you with your bad back take it easy! i love your tissue box its fab. hugs xx

  9. What about a spare toilet roll cover? I love what you have done with it too. So pretty and creative. What a bummer it doesn't fit the boxes!