Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Scrapheap = Taking the Plunge

I left my much hated and stressful job last year with 'dignity & respect' (their words, not mine) and nursed myself back to health. So, the payoff monies have now run out and I went for an interview for a new job last week. Local, part-time, well paid - just the ticket. I was invited to a second interview, which rather bemused me as it was more of a 'pay the mortgage' sort of a job, rather than my life-long ambition. But I was 'over qualified' (more like too old - they were quite interested to learn when I would be retiring), consequently I didn't get the job. This was a real blow, as this has never happened to me before.

To keep the wolf from the door (you know the one I mean - the bank manager/computer/terminator - who cannot be reasoned with), I decided to open a Folksy shop. I've only put a couple of things in there and that took me all day. A few notebooks

and some odd sock (one of life's great mysteries) gingham bags

I have been wanting to open this shop for a while, but 'stuff' kept getting in the way and sometimes you really have to be in the mood to start off quite a big project. I've got quite a few other things I've made to list yet, but I suppose that's probably enough 'computering' for one day and I must run the vacuum round and feed the masses.

I think the weather had something to do with it, such a lovely day again.

I'm really liking this at the moment

Please ignore the masking tape running around the back of my mantle, I was just in need of some pretties in my living room.



  1. Shame on them Jak .... I don't think I could go back to working for someone else now I've been S/E for nearly six years ... as I get older my patience with some grown ups gets smaller ... small people I can cope with so that's why I childmind. I love your little notebooks and odd sock bags ..... where do the other halves of the pair go .... I swear there is an odd sock fairy in this house. Off to take a look at your Folksy shop ... take care and chin up x

  2. Good luck on the shop. I've opened a book shop online, and it takes me all day to list the books, so I know what you mean! I'm also going to be opening a crochet shop aswell, which I am looking forward too. Theres just not enough hours in the day though! xxx

  3. The washing machine eats them! i'm convinced of it! Nice bags - good idea!
    Good look with the shop, I know what you mean about jobs - I dont think I could get one now if I tried - the'work world' seems so alien to me, so different and strange - unless its just me! lol!

    Make the most of this sunshine!

    Vicky x

  4. Good Luck with the shop Jak, and try not to worry, the job wasn't meant to be - something much better will be waiting around the corner, your craft items are really lovely too, so I am sure the folksy shop will do well. **Kim**x

  5. those little tag note books are adorable - good luck