Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Big Fat Ta-Dah!

What can I say, but I am over the moon excited as my living/dining room is finally finished. It only took 3 1/2 months! Now it wasn't as if we had to knock down walls, wallpaper or put down new floors or anything major, although Mr. P did have to fit a curved skirting board around the bay window (which had been missing for 10 years and was so very draughty, the skirting board that is, not the window, ha ha!).

It took forever to clean the dust out and then put anything back. It seemed to take ages, mainly as I am still coming to terms with only being able to do a little at a time.

So here are a few piccies................

The colour of the paint is Farrow & Ball's 'String'. Such a great colour, goes with everthing. I have in fact got this colour in my hall, stairs and landing and although I am not a snob as far as 'designer' products are concerned, this paint was very expensive, but it really can be scrubbed. With 3 GSDs and a grubby teenage son + mates, it really takes some punishment.

I have still not finished faffing though. Samplers to frame and some cushions to finish, I've also got to repair a set of topiary trees that sit on the heath which Mr. P broke.

So this has been the reason for my absence - also I had to finally sort out the dreaded cupboard under the stairs as I had to have a new gas meter fitted and my, even I was impressed at how much stuff was actually in there.

Mr P is now talking about decorating the kitchen. I think I might go and work on a Kibbutz for the summer.

Jak x


  1. Jak its lovely - you and Mr P have been busy - I was wondering where you were! Love the crochet goodness tucked in there and the samplers - love em!! Yeah you need to de-camp somewhere warm and relaxing while Mr P does the Kitchen!!!! xx

  2. OOh Jak, I feel as if I have been given the key to your house! Look through the Keyhole! I've been having a proper mooch! Sorry.
    I just love the fireplace, you've decorated it so....beautifully. I do love fireplaces! Love your crocheting, I love the floor! I love everything. OOh great post, I love it. I do love looking around peoples houses!'.
    Have a good weekend,
    Love Suex
    Thanks for popping over and your comments.

  3. Jak, I just use acrylic wool usually by Cygnet its quite cheap and I buy it in the local Hospice shop or I have used, Robin DK acrylic or whatever I can lay my hands on!! I do have some Rowan wool, but it is so expensive I have a secret stash which I just look at!!! x

  4. Love everything, all looks fab. xx

  5. It looks gorgeous! Well done x

  6. Wow, you have been busy. Its looking great, I reckon relax and enjoy it for a while before you start on the kitchen.

  7. Woo Hoo !!! Fab ! I need that scrub paint.

    I laughed & laughed at your last comment xxx

  8. Great stuff, lovely clean yet warm look, both me and my other half hate painting and decorating so we almost never get round to it. I want to be rich enough not to have to do it myself, not even the

  9. Thanks for stopping by. Just had anothe look at that lovely floor of yours and the gorgeous fireplace!
    Hugs Suex

  10. Hope you are ok Jak you are really quiet.

  11. These are great pics - how lovely, Jane:)